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Link Oil and Gas are managed by
a very experienced group of global businessmen
who are dedicated to bring the best energy commodity solution to you..

Why consider Link Oil & Gas?

Which Commodity?

Commodity trading requires extensive global awareness and the right connections. At Link Oil and Gas we pride ourselves on having years of experience and the right worldwide network. Whilst the energy market is in a period of market turmoil we embrace these fluctuations in the energy market cycle to leverage the best results for our customers. Building on many years of trading experience, our capabilities are rooted in energy products.

Increase sales

Deals are not closed because of too many non performing parties. We have the ability to filter and link real sellers with real buyers.

We facilitate your enquiry

The logistics of trading energy commodities is a business you can't afford to risk, that's why at Link Oil and Gas, we manage and facilitate the trading aspect, through bunkering, terminals and storage and all the way to your end customer.


Link Oil & Gas through our association with crude oil producers have established connections with providers in the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS who supply most grades of crude.

The ability to find spare refining capacity gives us the advantage of offering this unusual and valuable service


Our goal is to provide you with a one stop solution.
Our mission is to facilitate the selling and buying of the commodities within the shortest possible timeframe
and with a “can do- will do” approach. Our hands on, 24/7 open line approach and transparent business ethics
is our way of providing a non- bureaucratic hassle free way of closing deals.


Finding the most suitable Solutions for our Customers

Finding a trade in today’s global market is not an easy task as this industry is contaminated with dishonest brokers and companies which at first glance appear to be bona fide. Much time is lost negotiating a transaction where one party or another fails to deliver. We vet and subject each party to due diligence before presenting them. Having assessed the individual requirements of our clients, over the years, we have established a hard core of clientele on the selling and buying side who can perform for those buyers and sellers who are in a position to present themselves with credibility and have the real ability to close a transaction. We present ourselves at this time to assist in order that your business moves smoothly to a conclusion.


Shipping companies – Transneft – Tankage – Overland

Our suppliers will be on hand should the buying company not have the necessary connections to arrange their own logistics. Most suppliers do provide a CIF service which eliminates the logistical burden from the buyer. For those who prefer to take the FOB route, we can assist them to secure storage, or recommend shipping companies should the need be required.


Link Oil and Gas's objective is to achieve best practice in corporate governance and the Company is committed to achieving this objective. Listed below are copies of Link’s Due diligence policy and Terms of Engagement.

Due Diligence Policy

Due Diligence Policy

Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

WTI and Brent crude Price index



The refined oil products supply industry is one where sadly there are many issues of false or scam offers which affects the reputation of the industry and causes problems of compliance control. The team in Link Oil and Gas Limited are very focussed in this and are relentless in their determination to root out practices and scams to protect not only the reputation of LINK and its team, but also our strategic partners. This approach differentiates ourselves and our partners from other similar positioned companies.


With Link Oil and Gas
we have access to tank storage throughout the world
and work in your best interests at all times.

Storage Tanks

Link oil and Gas has the capability to arrange tank storage in most ports in countries around the world. We work with some of the largest tank storage / logistics companies in the oil business. We offer this service by acting as introductory agents in order to help the process of sale move forward with the least amount of pressure to buyers or sellers. Link O&G work in the interest of our clients in order to give piece of mind that the companies presented have been vetted and the essential due diligence will have been completed.

Products stored typically include crude oil, petroleum and chemicals as well as potable liquids, edible oils and fats. Receipt and delivery of these products takes place by means of sea transport, inland barge, road, rail and cross country pipeline. Tank storage thus provides an essential interface between these various modes of transport.

Link always advise our partners to seek and agree with the storage of oil products in Rotterdam using well known and verifiable companies and organisations. Whilst each partner should undertake its own Due Diligence the following resources are useful references as of Autumn 2016:


Rotterdam Facts & Figures
Rotterdam Facts & Figures


We would encourage partners to research fully other companies not on the lst and Link are always available to assist in Due Diligence if required, whilst our partners in Moscow, Synthesis Energy, can offer Russian based Due Diligence as a service on contract for a charge. 

Our Team



Michael has 40 years’ experience in global business at the highest of corporate levels including 12 years in-depth experience in the Russian and Caspian oil industry . Michael brings to the company his experience, knowledge ,connections and team in Russian and Kazakhstan covering refineries , oil producers and traders. He is an expert in many areas of upstream and downstream sectors in the oil industry.



Mr. Zammit serves as CEO of Link Oil and Gas Ltd with a wealth of international business development experience. He is also a Plaza Board member since 2005 and an Executive Director and a member of Plaza’s Audit Committee since June 2013. In addition, he is also a director of Link Mineral Services Ltd and Agopay Ltd. He is the Managing Director of Creative Marketing Ltd, Managing Partner at Delta Tech Ltd and board member of Sliema’s Business Community Association.



A well experienced, diverse industrialist within a number of highly specialised industrial sectors ( including oil and gas). Since 2013 he has developed a strong position in oil and gas trading industrial circles and has an intricate knowledge of all aspects of refined oil, oil and gas trading. With a proven network of serious purchasers, suppliers and traders Nick leads the global business development and contracts team.


Compliance and Business development Director

After a successful wide ranging military career, Martin has concentrated on the oil and gas industry since 2007. His role covers all compliance and due diligence reviews for the company. He is also responsible for selected business development activities in specific regions globally.

25th April - Comment from the Chairman

Link approach to business and opportunities.

The refined oil products supply industry is sadly synonymous with fake offers and scams caused by pure greed. Many authorities have highlighted a figure in excess of 99.98 % of these are in fact scams and the experience of the team in Link Oil and Gas reflect this very clearly.....

Click Here to download the full comment.

Strategic Alliance Partners

12th February - “Link” Strategic Partners

Link Oil and Gas Limited announce that it has initiated the formation of a strategic alliance partners with key working partners in specific markets around the world. These partners have great experience in the international marketplace and will work under the “Link “brand to unify the approach. The locations of the strategic partners will be announced separately and their contact details will be placed on the web site accordingly.

27th February - “Link” Centralises Due Diligence for its Strategic Alliance Partners

As part of the formation of the Link Strategic Alliance Partnership, Link has announced that it has restructured its due diligence section to include the members of the partnership which will enable uniformity of system and research. This will be headed by Martin Galea the “Link” Compliance and Business Development Director.

Due Diligence

Member Locations

1st March - First member locations of the “Link” Strategic Alliance Partners

The first locations of the members has been confirmed as Ashgabat, Berlin, Bodrum ( Turkey), Dubai, Florida Hawaii, Malta, New York, Paris, Pollhagen (Germany), Stockholm and are shown on the location map in a new colour. Contact details (e-mail addressed) will be opened in the forthcoming week.

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At Link Oil and Gas we are eagerly awaiting you to contact us to assist you in fulfilling your commodity trade. We will always endeavour to respond immediately and to achieve that vital reliable contact that you deserve.

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At Link Oil and Gas, it is our mission to provide our customers with the best quality service that we can provide. With our experienced team we are confident that we can fully service your energy needs.

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Link Oil and Gas are managed by a very experienced group of global businessmen, who are dedicated to bring the best energy commodity solution to you.

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